Lectures at DMS

Lecture Patrik Kuffs 13th September 2022

PATRIK is a born entertainer, he can turn even the most mediocre variation of Marlo into something special, without ever letting his talent become a crutch. Spending most of his life (outside the hours of sleep) creating magic effects, he was able to develop entirely original scenic and micro magic acts, composed of material capable of fooling magicians, laymen, and quite possibly some computers…
…Until now he has only been published sporadically, his material has appeared in a few magazines here and there, such; Syzygy, Quintessence, Genii, Magic, Mind over Magic, Arcane, and without forgetting a first appearance on DVD entitled Metal Bending, The real work, which has become a reference tool on the subject. This was followed by the Mind Stunts and Mind Stunts 2.0 dvd duo.
Renowned magician David Acer is the author of his very first book, MIND STUNT’S, written for the magician community. This controversial work has already received several praises from big names in the field.
So here is a rare opportunity to explore the magic of Patrik Kuffs; from card magic, to stage magic, to mentalism, and more!

The lecture …

The conference includes a mix of his “best” ideas and several new routines. The great strengths of the KUFFS conference are the great simplicity of its effects, as well as its modern approach to the well-kept classics of mentalism. A great moment of happiness to live with an artist that you don’t meet every day…

During his Kufférence you will be able to see:

  • Thought Swiper: A system for guessing a thought card. use with the “Invisible Deck”, the idea becomes a secret weapon.
  • Drawing a Blank: Routines & discussion on the theme “Drawing reproduction”. Simple, unique and effective ideas.
  • Rubik mon amour: Ideas & suggestions with a Rubik. This segment is a pre-text to discuss the “Think BIG” approach.
  • KlassiK: Part of the conference will be devoted to some great classics of cards magic, all adapted to the Kuffini sauce. A bit of everything for all tastes!
  • This trick_Socks: A comedic “Stand-up” presentation for “Thoughts of Tom Jacobson” by Michael Weber. Funny & Mystifying!
  • Magik Gag: Sometimes humor is stronger than magic.
  • P.Q.I.:A very “personal” version of the Koran Jackpot Coin.
  • HandKuffs: Some fun with a pair of handcuffs.
  • T.O.C: A visual version of the “Tossed Out Deck”. The rumor runs that if Dr. Faust were still alive, he would be jealous!
  • The Last Word: The perfect ending for any comedy related show.
  • And many other routines, ideas and suggestions... such as, a new proposal for your old Latex bottle.

The lecture will be held in Café  “De Sport” at De Markt in Velden at 20.00 hour.

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