Invisible Hand Set (2682)
Invisible Hand Set (2682)

Invisible Hand Set (2682)


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De "Onzichtbare Hand" of "Invisible Hand" is een nieuwe naam voor een oud hulpmiddel bekend onder de naam Hold-Out.

Met deze gimmick kunt u wonderen verrichten, u kunt voorwerpen laten verdwijnen, verschijnen, verkleuren, een doorgeknipt touw magisch herstellen, enz. En dat alles met uw handen weg van uw lichaam, u kunt uw handen zowel voor als na het effect leeg tonen. U kunt trucs vertonen met ballen, eieren, kaarten, munten, doeken, biljetten, horloges, pennen, etc! En dat zowel in een close-up als toneelsituatie.

Onderstaand hetgeen u kunt vinden op de meegeleverde dvd-set;

Volume 1; -Hier vindt u de geschiedenis van de Holdout en de achtergrond van de INVISIBLE HAND. U ziet de legendarische Kepplinger, een originele Jack Miller Holdout en andere modellen. Daarnaast vindt u een gedetailleerde beschrijving van de Invisible Hand, de preparatie, basishandelingen, handelingen voor gevorderden en extra hints & tips. Tenslotte ziet en leert u een van de mooiste effecten met deze holdout; the "The Silk Story".

Volume 2; -Hier leert u tot in het kleinste detail 10 extra routines voor op het toneel. Dit zijn professionele, publiek-geteste routines. Leer onder andere nieuwe versies van de Rising Card, Cut and Restored Rope, Bending Spoon, Dancing Silk, Bill in Pen, Newspaper Test en ga zo maar door. 

Volume 3; -Op deze dvd nog meer effecten voor zowel het toneel als close-up. Onder andere de verdwijnende vogelkooi welk uw publiek laat achterovervallen van verbazing! 

"I really want to thank you for sharing with all "the magic fraternity" these so precious touches...You could have kept this for yourself, and it would have been legitimate...This is a real gift to Magic....may be to good...I just hope everybody will appreciate the amount of love and respect you have put in this masterpiece... ....All the methods you use to attach the different "tools" during the presentation of each trick are so diabolically clever and practical....At every moment, "this sacro saint " misdirection is the key word, and used to perfection.... I really think that what you give here is the most versatile hidden friend, both for close-up or stage, which any lover of our Art can dream off... "

"Wow! The DVDs are terrific and I think smart magicians will be rapturous. These DVDs are an important contribution to our art. Bravo to all."

"My congratulations to all your production team for the terrific product you made. Nowadays there are a lot of DVD's, most of them are unnecessary and offer just small variations, and they are made with little love and obviously just to make money. Yours has many aspects that make the DVD's very valuable. They are the result of part of your life dedicated to study and practice the "Invisible Hand", as you name it, with a nice metaphor. It is uncommon that someone takes the time necessary to make such an exhaustive and deep research on a subject. I enjoyed in particular the historic backgrounds as well as the systematic approach that, as you know, is a subject of my interest. The didactics is exemplar and show your ample culture, knowledge and intelligence. The magic tricks you explain, and I saw up to now, are all terrific! You transmit your enthusiasm on the subject and you have an excellent ability to communicate through such a difficult media as is the DVD. "

"In a word, Bravo!!!!!!! What an incredible project and wonderful product. Everything from start to finish is fantastic. The packaging is beautiful. The style of filming, production and the set is so elegant. The history sets up the learning process so well. The range of effects in incredible and your teaching is so clear and comprehensive. This is indeed one of the best DVD projects I have ever seen and you should be very pleased with the finished product. In one way, I hope no one buys this...I don't think everyone deserves these wonders, but I'm sure it will be a huge success for you. "

Running Time Approximately 3 hours

U ontvangt de speciale gimmick en een driedelige dvd-set (speelduur ca. 3 uur).

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