The End of My Rope by Chris Philpott (DVD946)
The End of My Rope by Chris Philpott (DVD946)

The End of My Rope by Chris Philpott (DVD946)


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From the creator of The 100th Monkey comes a new, versatile and incredibly visual method for rope magic! The magician coils a rope, and has a spectator cut through all the strands - the magician then throws the many pieces and they join in the air! The rope is never covered or switched and it can be examined before and after the effect!

The End-of-my-Rope Trick is a stunning stand-alone trick, but it's also the perfect climax for a variety of other rope routines. Chris (an award-winning screenwriter) has found a way to raise the stakes on classic rope routines while staying true to the original premise. This is a game-changer!

Can be used with a myriad of materials - from chain links to mouth coils - and with a variety of effects. It makes a perfect finish for a ring-on-string routine: you can thread a string through a ring four times then pull it right off! There are variations that require gimmicks and others that are entirely impromptu.

The End-of-my-Rope trick is not self-working, but it's not difficult. It's in the easy to medium range, depending on the variation you choose. A person with no sleight-of-hand chops can do some variations with just a few hours of practice.

And while many routines are included on this DVD, there is also incredible potential for new effects with this method.


"It's a great effect and method and I've never seen anything like it before!"
- Daryl

"I can't believe you fooled me so hard that I'm putting down my cards to learn a rope trick!"
- Jon Armstrong

"Wow! Amazing! I've been working on the multiple cut rope plot for several years and that first performance with the rope tied around the wrists both completely fooled AND excited me!"
- Bill Abbott

"The cutting is really convincing, which is essential for a strong effect, and the restoration is as visual and impressive as Anderson's flash restoration in his newspaper tear."
- Tom Stone

"Congratulations to my good friend Chris Philpott on releasing what has to be one of the greatest rope tricks of all time!"

- Steve Valentine
"A great trick!  A great trick!" 

- Penn (Fool Us)

"What fun! That toss up and instant restore is a genuine magic moment. How the heck?..."
- Phil Van Tee (El Ropo)

"Chris Philpott has come up with a dynamic escalation and finale for a cut and restored rope routine."
- David Regal

"Looks friggin' fantastic! It all looks VERY natural and very clean, which in my book, is exactly what I strive for in my shows. LOVE the way your mind works!"
- Chipper Lowell

"Chris doesn't release a lot of magic. But when he does release a trick, it's damn good. People might be able to conceive of a way a single cut could be mended...but six cuts at once? That's just impossible!"
- Rick Lax

"A very puzzling trick. Fooled me. Brilliant thinking."
- Doc Eason



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