Collected Almanac (B0122)
Collected Almanac (B0122)

Collected Almanac (B0122)


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by Richard Kaufman

Richard's Almanac was acclaimed as one of the finest newsletters ever devoted to close-up magic. Its publication from 1982 to 1987 was a highlight in the history of close-up magic periodicals. And now, all four hundred pages of the original newsletter, containing tricks from the greatest close-up magicians of our time, have been reprinted in a beautiful hardcover volume. Richard's Almanac reveals dozens of brilliant routines from Vernon, Jennings, Slydini, Klause, Racherbaumer, Mario, Sankey, Goldstein, Cervon, Carney, Gallo, and many others, most of which have never ever been published anywhere else! This is the only place you can read them! And it's a treasure trove of astounding creations in the art of close-up magic.

Over 175 superb routines with cards, coins and impromptu magic with everyday items such as rings, bills, spoons, pens, rubber bands, matches, dice, wristwatches, and seashells. Over 400 pages, 800 beautiful line drawings, a 50-page bonus section with a dozen routines not in the original newsletter are included. A BULL update and retrospective, and a peek at the Japanese edition of Richard's Almanac, plus a complete cross referenced index with cover art by Sid Lorraine also are part of this extensive work.

Pages 398 – Hard bound and Illustrated

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