Dobson's Choice Book 2 (B0066)
Dobson\'s Choice Book 2 (B0066)

Dobson's Choice Book 2 (B0066)


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Those of you who were wise enough to purchase Wayne's Dobson's Choice book will need no encouragement from me to add this sequel to your collection. Like the first offering, here Wayne reveals thirteen more priceless routines from his close-up and stand-up acts. It's brilliant and anyone can do it!

Wayne's unique sense of humour is evident on every page. There are so many lines, gags and bits-of-business sprinkled about the book that even working pros, who normally never add anything to their acts, will be able to steal (having paid for the privilege... for a change) them and use them either with Wayne's excellent routines or simply injected straight into their own.

One great thing about Wayne's material is that he has removed all the difficult sleights and complications that so often put you off even trying a routine out in the first place. Here you will discover gems that have been honed to perfection over hundreds (thousands?) of performances before the paying public. There are no pipe-dreams here... just sound, workable material.

Several of the items... 'The Kid's a Magician', 'Banana-Drama' and 'The Crying Game' could easily be used by children's entertainers with little or no modification.

Those of you who have Wayne's Dobson's Choice will have oooed and ahhhd at the quality of the layout, production and writing. Once again Wayne has utilised the layout talents of Candi Design and the writing talents of Stephen Tucker to produce yet another beautiful publication.

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