Angel Kiki by JL Magic (4919)
Angel Kiki by JL Magic (4919)

Angel Kiki by JL Magic (4919)


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A very cool and modern methode with multiple options!

Effect 1:

You show a spectator some cards with an angel on one side and two black drawn hearts on the other and place on of these on the hand of the spectator. Then you take your phone and you hold it above the hand with the camera turned on so everybody can see the card, but what happens, the angel on the card suddenly starts to get alive, it starts fluttering over the card, turns the card over, moves both hearts together and colors them red with an arrow thru them and flips the card back down before it flies back to the middle of the card an freezes again. Then the spectator can take a look at the back of the card and the card itself now also has these two red hearts together with an arrow thru them! A crazy effect with a huge reaction!

Effect 2:

With the extra MAGIC card included you can make two different predictions appear, a square and a triangle. So if you do a mental effect with these two simples you can produce any of these two as your final prediction.

We supply all necessary cards and a link to English online instructions. Very easy to do! The trick uses a special (free) app which can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android phone.

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