Fire Phone Case Large Size by Martin Braessas (4979)
Fire Phone Case Large Size by Martin Braessas (4979)

Fire Phone Case Large Size by Martin Braessas (4979)


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The Fire Phone Case is the Fire Wallet of the 21st Century!

If you are looking for a magic effect for our current times, this is the one!

Imagine making flames appear, grabbing everyone's attention, and then taking out your cell phone like nothing important happened. Or call your friends to take a group selfie. When everyone gathers, a flame appears out of your cellphone! Fun and magic assured!

Thanks to Fire Phone Case, you will be able to perform these effects and many more anytime you want. Also, with this elegant case, you will be able to protect your phone and perform this amazing effect to have fun. Whenever you want! Improvising with your friends or in a professional show.

The case is specially designed to be used as a normal case and whenever you want to make a flame appear -- it won't affect your cell phone!


  • Case specially designed and ready to use
  • Accessories to adapt any cellphone to the case regardless of the size
  • Tutorial video


  • Fire from the cell phone
  • Card on fire
  • Real fire or app?

We are really happy to share this effect with the magic community. We have spent many years developing it. Hope You enjoy it!

This case will work with any phone up to 6 ½" - 3 ¾"  (16,5 x 9,5 cm)


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