Optix by Tobias Dostal (5059-W10)
Optix by Tobias Dostal (5059-W10)

Optix by Tobias Dostal (5059-W10)


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At Magic Live 2019 there was 1 trick that got EVERYONE talking. The #1 effect of the convention - but it wasn't for sale.

Tobias Dostal was constantly surrounded by the biggest names in magic. Daniel Garcia, Doug McKenzie, Dan White, Kenner, Patrick Kun, Garrett Thomas, John Stessel... The list goes on.

We heard through the grapevine that David Copperfield himself specifically came to the Orleans casino to see one effect... This effect. Optix.

Offers from various prominent performers were made to obtain this effect for their private shows and TV spots, but what they didn't know was that Ellusionist and Tobias were specifically in Las Vegas to film it.

Since the convention we've been inundated with requests from customers to "RELEASE THIS EFFECT. I NEED IT." You’ve seen it happen with the hit products Quiver, Console and Silver Edge recently. Those who wait, unfortunately, go without.

Not everything we sell has the capacity or substance to sell out overnight. But OPTIX does.

The gimmick Toby was using to fool everyone in the trailer (filmed in Las Vegas) was built at his studio. He pieced it together out of spare parts and filled his office with the unforgivable smoke that only soldered metal could give off. Art is dedication.

However, Ellusionist has taken that gimmick to the next level. With our superb manufacturing contacts, we've created a sleek, robust, universal gimmick. Charged by a magnetic-locking usb cable in under an hour, the battery gives off over 2 and a half hours of illumination. If the average requirement for the light during performance is 30 seconds, that's around 300 performances per charge.

Optix can be used for a multitude of vanishes and transpositions. However, there is one stand-out routine that seems impossible. This routine, if performed, cannot be followed.

Borrow a spectators phone, then hand them your phone to film the magic... In an instant, their phone vanishes into thin air. No sleeves. No pulls. GONE. When they ask where their phone is, you point to their own hands. The phone they've been holding the entire time is THIER phone. That means they filmed their phone vanishing, on their own phone. It's only confusing because the laws of science shouldn't allow it to be possible.

Phones come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In the trailer you'll see Toby perform Optix with gold phones, black phones, white phones, androids, iPhones, phones with cases, phones with pop-sockets... It genuinely doesn't matter.

Optix isn't restricted by the ability to use only one kind of phone, it's universal. Toby will teach you exactly what you need to do to overcome every kind of phone your audience could hand you... and that chapter is only 5% of the entire tuition video, so there isn't a lot to overcome with this ingenious gimmick. It just works.

With thousands of performances and 13 different production samples, if you can name it, we've seen it and fixed it... so you can feel comfortable during performance. In this 90 minute training video, Toby covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Optix, so you can get the most out of it.



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