Indexpress by Vernet Magic (4561)
Indexpress by Vernet Magic (4561)

Indexpress by Vernet Magic (4561)


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A mentalist's dream!

Imagine if you could find any billet, secretly, in one second. Now, with Indexpress, you can. We developed an index that has all the best features of previous indexes combined, and much more. Also, Indexpress includes a full explanation of "The Invisible Deck," a stunning effect from Michel's professional show:

One spectator freely thinks of one card from an "imaginary deck." The mentalist mentions that something strange happened to him before the show. He sat at a bar to have some coffee, opened a sugar packet and at the moment of pouring it, the white of the sugar and the black of the coffee formed an image of a playing card.

The mentalist takes an empty sugar packet from his pocket and says: "Nobody saw me. I opened the sugar packet and I wrote what I saw." The empty packet is folded and placed into a wine glass held by another spectator. The spectator who thought of a card is asked to say it aloud. The packet is clearly taken from the glass - on it, in bold writing, is the thought-of card.

  • The perfect billet index
  • Ultra-thin
  • Precision made
  • Specially designed
  • Made with the ideal material

Includes: Two indexes for 26 billets each, PDF instructions and video download (with live performance, instructions and history).

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