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Lecture Rafael Benatar CANCELLED because of the Corona restrictions.

Rafael Benatar was born in Venezuela and currently lives in Spain. He is one of the most active members of the prestigious Escuela Mágica de Madrid and one of the foremost writers and lecturers in the Spanish-speaking scene. He is also one of the few magicians that performs regularly in all three rooms of the Magic Castle.

He has also prepared the Spanish editions of many classics of magic such as the Corinda and Kaplan books and has contributed to many publications a nd has translated the works of Ascanio and Tamariz into English. Rafael Benatar is a recipient of the Linking Ring Parade of the Year award from the IBM. His DVDs have received rave reviews from major magic magazines. Rafael Benatar performs at theaters, corporate events, trade shows, and other venues. He has lectured extensively, in five languages, for magicians of many countries.

Rafael Benatar’s lecture will include commercial and practical items from his working repertoire, including close-up and stand-up material and his latest update on his well-known cups and balls routine, with new insight on this classic. His explanations will be full of practical advice that can help raise the level of all the magic you do, such as scripting, management, and handling of volunteers.

The Favorite Cards of my Friends
With a shuffled deck that can be borrowed, two spectator name a card each. The performer gives a third spectator his own favorite card and asks him to insert it anywhere in the deck. The two cards named are not only found to be together, but alsothe third spectator has inserted the card exactly in between them.

You and I
The magician gives the spectator half the deck to shuffle while he also shuffles the other half. Magician and spectator trade a card and both cards are found to match in color and value. Surprise builds as this happens several times even after they have traded their whole packets, with some outrageous surprises along the way. At the end the spectator has a Nine and the magician has a Six, but the magician rotates the card and the six changes to a Nine in full view.

The magician offers to explain how email was invented by his ancestor in the Middle Ages. And he tells the story through an amusing cups and balls routine demonstrating how to forward messages, send messages to mailing lists, delete messages and even shopping online. An amazing routine that never fails to entertain. Full of advice that is applicable to other C&B routines.

Right Between the Eyes
A lady and a gentleman are invited on stage. A card selected by the lady is shuffled back in the deck and the deck is put in the spectator’s pocket. The magician reads her hand and names the card and then quickly pulls it out of the spectator’s pocket. Then the spectator does the trick himself to everyone’s surprise. The trick can be done for large audiences with no preparation and is being used by several well-known pros around the world.

Altered Destiny
A card is selected very fairly and the spectator has many options to change it throughout a very entertaining procedure. When everybody is convinced that it was a totally random seection, the card is shown to match a prediction made at the beginning and revealed in a most interesting way.

You show two decks. A spectator picks one of them for himself. You insert a card from your deck in a book, like a bookmark, with its back to the audience. A card named by the spectator is taken out of this deck and inserted in another book with its face to the audience. You insert another card in the first book, back to the audience and the spectator selects another from his deck, which is inserted back to the audience. The two cards chosen by the spectator are shown to match the two predictions.

and more...

-When : New date to be planned at 20.00 hour
-Where : Dynamite Magic Shop, Velden(NL)
-Price : EUR 20,00 p.p

Tickets can be bought online (lecture tickets in our shop) or by reserved by phone and/or email.

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