Dynamite Ultra Light Mini & Vdeo by DMS (4253)
Dynamite Ultra Light Mini & Vdeo by DMS (4253)

Dynamite Ultra Light Mini & Vdeo by DMS (4253)


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This is an exclusive Dynamite Magic Shop product and we are very proud we can offer this to you! The MINI version of our well-received DYNAMITE ULTRA LIGHT!

Imagine...you screw a lightbulb out of a table lamp and show it all around. You place the bulb on the hand of your spectator (or onder a glass dome) and start concentrating on the bulb...suddenly it lights up brightly! Then you decide when the light goes out again. Also the bulb can be used to find a choosen card or anything else you can think off.

We supply the bulb which has the newest electronics built inside (made of a real ledlight). The bulb it is completely under your control at all times and you do not have to touch the bulb to make it light up.

Important details:

  • Real lightbulb
  • Made in Europe by our own technicians (not a Chinese product!)
  • Fully remote controlled, but hands-free!
  • Depending on area you are working and setup control up to 20 meters
  • Perfect for the close up magician as it is a smaller lightbulb!
  • The spectators can examine it and will not find anything suspicious
  • No switches or buttons on the lightbulb
  • No magnets necessary to make the bulb light-up
  • Rechargable thru a USB-cable
  • Packed in a wooden box
  • Includes an English language instructional video (online)
  • We teach you how you can take the bulb out of a real tablelamp (so it looks like it is real bulb - which it isn't)
  • Included warranty for 1 years on the built-in electronics

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