Victory Cubes Zilverkleur zonder stippen - GEBRUIKT
Victory Cubes Zilverkleur zonder stippen - GEBRUIKT

Victory Cubes Zilverkleur zonder stippen - GEBRUIKT


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In nieuwe conditie, amper gebruikt. Normale prijs EUR 395,00

Victory Cubes is a new stage decoration that does tricks!

Turn a school auditorium into a Vegas show room instantly or add a quick and easy change of scenery to your show with hardly any set up or lugging heavy sets.

Great for keeping props in or behind. Perfect for blocking those tricky angles, or for ditching used props.

Besides being great stage decorations, you can do tricks with the cubes as well. Victory Cubes comes with a DVD that explains how to make a person appear or disappear, including how to walk on stage with the cubes folded up, pop them open, and produce a girl. Plus, it includes countless other creative ways to use your Victory Cubes in any show from a birthday party to a full stage production.

Victory Cubes has a rip-away velcro top that gives you even better angles than the usual victory cartons, and allows you to turn it upside down to hold things in. For example, you can fill it with already blown up balloon animal balloons and you have a magical balloon holder for all you animal twisters.

Watch our teaser video below to get your creative juices flowing. 

Sets up in literally seconds and packs small enough to fit into a brief case!

Victory Cubes comes with two pop-open cubes, a carrying bag, an instructional DVD, a full color booklet with performance ideas, and a certificate of authenticity.

They will instantly make your show bigger and more valuable!

Dimensions fully set up:
34" by 34" by 34" (86 x 86 x 86 cm) = Large cube
31" by 31" by 31" (79 x 79 x 79 cm) = Smaller cube

Dimensions in bag:
13" by 15" by 4" (33 x 38 x 10 cm)

About 2,5 kilo’s.



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