Miracles with Cards (B0181)
Miracles with Cards (B0181)

Miracles with Cards (B0181)


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James Swain's boek - Miracle with Cards - staat vol met verbazingwekkend eenvoudige kaartenroutines. Verbeter je vingervlugheid met kaarten direkt en zonder moeite. Alle routines zijn voorzien van vele foto's zodat alles gemakkelijk te leren is.

Uit de introduktie van Darwin Ortiz:

"What I like about this book is that it lives up to its title. These are card tricks that go for the jugular, tricks that push the boundaries of what's possible with a deck of cards. In so doing, they ensure that the audience will remember the magic and the magician."

Inhoud van het boek;

V Introduction by Darwin Ortiz
VII Foreword
1 The Airmail Card: Goodwin's Two Ton Transpo
7 Clue: Brother Hamman's Verbal Force
12 Out of this World
18 Superbowl Aces: The Stencel Move
24 Card in the Matchbox
28 Card in the Cardbox: Invisible Shulien Revelation
32 Boxed B'Wave
36 The World's Greatest Card Trick
41 Perfect Triumph: Marlo's Miracle Spread
45 Swain Simplicity Control
51 Swain Simplicity Switch
52 Gambler's Miracle: Jenning's Modification of Daryl's Display
56 Up-The-Ladder Aces
60 The Blank Deck
62 Australian Aces Revisited: Marlo's Frictionless Bottom Deal
66 The Impossible Card Trick
68 Real Mind Reading
74 The Spectator Cuts to the Aces (2 Versions)
80 Boxed Reset
84 Brainweave: Frank Simon's Fan Revelation
90 Fortune Telling Cards: Dingle's NOLAP Switch; Interlock/Vernon/Jennings/Lyons
94 Hitchcock Aces
100 Miracle Aces: Swain Bluff Control
105 Bluff Control Palm
106 Bluff Control Routine
107 Topping the Mental Topper: The Unweave Revelation
112 My Opener
120 Gorilla In the Middle: Invisible Load Move
125 Trapped
129 The Pass
134 The Jennings Box (2 Versions)
138 The Jennings Handling
141 The Well Traveled Card: Gary Plants Move
143 The Stand In
145 The "Block" Buster Pass
148 Bottom Card Cover Pass
149 The Pass Palm
152 Anastasia
154 The Lost Multiple Shift
155 Honest Aces: Swain Drop Switch
160 Honest Collectors
164 Annemann's Miracle
167 Something for Nothing
169 Rules of the Game: Cornelius Spring Set; Bill Malone's Revelation; Steve Freeman Four Card Revelation; Bruce Cervon's Pivot Principle
182 Finale for the Capitulating Queens: Jon Racherbaumer's Handling of Norm Osbourne's Unlimited Vanish
187 Final Departure

190 Pagina's, hardgebonden en voorzien van vele foto's

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