Lezing Michael Lair Maandag 2 Maart 2020 (L02)
Lezing Michael Lair Maandag 2 Maart 2020 (L02)

Lezing Michael Lair Maandag 2 Maart 2020 (L02)


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Michael P. Lair is al jarenlang professioneel goochelaar en werkt overal in de USA met zijn shows. Michael is tevens de bedenker van meer dan 20 unieke goocheleffecten en heeft meerdere video's uitgebracht en heeft veel ervaring in het geven van lezingen. Deze lezing bevat effecten voor close up, salon én voor op het toneel!

1) Sponge Poker – A red sponge ball magically transforms into a red poker chip!
2) Red Coke – A regular and diet Red Bull are shown. With no cover, one of the Red Bulls turns into a mini-diet Coke, which you can proceed to drink!
3) Jack in the Box – A selected card is torn into four pieces. A Jack in the Box is displayed. When the song plays and the clown pops out, the card has restored with all but one piece that the spectator holds.
4) Candle Trilogy – A red and a white lit candle are displayed. In an instant, the white candle changes to red to match the other candle. The remaining candle is then vanished in a flash.
5) Invisimatch – An invisible matchbox is displayed. An invisible match is removed with both hands shown empty. When the invisible match is struck on the invisible matchbox, a visible lit match now appears!
6) Reversal of Fortune – The fortune teller fish tells the spectator’s fortune, but, when placed on the magician’s hand, the little red fish magically levitates 2-3 inches in the air.
7) Ring, Rope & Chopstick – An extremely visual version of the ring on rope penetration. The magician’s ring that has been examined, instantly penetrates the rope when a chopstick is introduced.
8) Dimes! – This is a 4 dime matrix routine where, at the end, all 4 dimes instantly and visually jump back to their original 4 corners.
9) Big Coins! – A jumbo silver coin appears magically in your empty hand. It then magically jumps to the other hand. You can then turn the jumbo coin into 4 half dollars or a silver streamer!
10) Mapped! – Multiple squares of a US Map are shown separately. In an instant, the pieces transform into a full US Map! This is a Tyvek, reusable Map version of the Torn and Restored Newspaper, with instant reset and it is perfect for stage!
11) And more for parlour and stage !....

-Wanneer : Maandag 2 Maart 2020 om 20.00 uur
-Waar : Dynamite Magic Shop, Velden(NL)

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